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Marshall Hill School PTA: PTA Activities


The following is a list of the PTA committees and activities that our PTA provides.  Please take a moment to read the committee descriptions below and consider volunteering to help out with one or more of them.


Maintains and changes indoor decorations by front lobby of school.

BEAUTIFICATION outside (Service)

Responsible for the upkeep of outside flower beds, front lawn, area around school sign, spring planting and spring clean-up and other outside tasks to help beautify the school grounds.


Volunteers coordinate bowling night, set up, ask for donations, set date with bowling alley and clean up after.

BEST MAN DANCE (service)

Volunteers coordinate dance, set up decorations, ask for donations for most refreshments, sets date with DJ, attends dance and cleans up.

BOOK FAIR (service)

Helps children select and purchase books in a week long event held during school hours. This service is done in the Fall and Spring.


Counts, organizes, and submits all box top coupons sent in by students.  Don’t forget to save and send in these coupons.

WITH SANTA (service)

This committee includes ticket distribution and collection, decorating the day before the event, assisting with craft tables, checking families in for photos with Santa, as well as set up and clean up for the event.


Volunteers plan and coordinate lunch, send out and collect tickets, set up and clean up for the event. Children meet the bunny and take pictures with the Bunny.  There is a craft table, brunch and entertainment included in the price.


Distributes, collects and tallies order forms, and then distributes orders when they arrive at school.


Review and research assembly programs and assists teachers in the selection there of and the establishment of dates.


This committee coordinates and plans the Eagles 5K Family Fun Run/Walk each Spring. This event takes place at Waywayanda State Park.


Coordinates Family Game, Movie, and Craft Nights during the school year.  Set up and clean up help is needed.  Volunteers are also needed for helping with activities and refreshments.

FIELD DAY (service)

This committee helps set up in the early morning and clean up at the end of the day.  Helps to manage the game stations and serves lunch to the children. The committee also works to receive donations.  This event goes all day.  Class parents are required to help during this day.


Sets up fundraisers for the fifth grade, plans their dances and trip, orders their t-shirt, provides cake for their R.E.A.L. ceremony and chaperones their events.


Assists the police officers in fingerprinting kindergarten children and cleaning their hands


Collects forms, breaks down information by class, alphabetizes and inputs the info into the computer.  They print and bind the directory and distribute it to the participants.


Handles ticket sales, decoration of the all-purpose room, refreshments, set up and clean up.  This event was formerly the Square Dance, a long running Marshall Hill tradition.  It is now a family night of fun and a pumpkin carving/decorating contest.

HOLIDAY FAIR (service)

Provides a fair for the children to purchase holiday gifts for friends and family members.


Provides light refreshments for PTA meetings.


Sends out weekly emails, to all those who sign up to receive them, providing information on upcoming PTA activities.

SELECTION (service)

Reviews applications and selects the best applicants for the John Ducey Memorial Fund Scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to former Marshall Hill students who are graduating from WMTHS and continuing their education.



Helps the teachers and children with the fundraiser during Field Day.  This takes place on Field Day and the kids purchase water balloons.  Class parents are required to make and bring the balloons for their classes.

KIDS ART (service)

This committee works with the art teacher to coordinate the children’s art work, send out and collect order forms, and distribute the final products.

KIDSTUFF BOOKS (fundraiser)

Hands out and tracks the books that are distributed for the students to sell.  This committee distributes, collects and tallies order forms, and then distributes orders as needed.

MEMBERSHIP (service)

Processes membership forms, enters membership into MemberHub and keeps system up to date with NJPTA.

SCHOOL PICTURES (fundraiser)

Distributes order forms, coordinates dates and times with teachers, helps children on picture day, and works with photographers to make sure class photos run smoothly. Pictures are done in the fall and spring.

SCHOOL SIGN (service)

Help maintain the dates on the school sign outside once or twice a month.  The volunteers and office coordinate upcoming events and other announcements to be noted on the school sign.


This is a service to our students and families that allows the purchase of a package of school supplies tailored to that child’s grade, prior to the beginning of each school year.

COMMITTEE (service)

Sets up fundraisers for the sixth grade, plans their dances and trip, orders their t-shirt, provides cake for their R.E.A.L. ceremony and chaperones their events.

SKI CLUB (service)

Discounted program open to all families and friends of Marshall Hill students.  Participants pay for a six week package and get seventh week free.  Program begins the first week of January.  Equipment rental and lessons are available.  Transportation must be provided by the participants.

APPAREL (service)

Distributes and collects order forms, encourages the sale for “school spirit”, then hands out orders when they arrive.

SPRING PLANT SALE (fundraiser)

This committee will help with tallying the orders, setting up for the pick up of the orders and help on the pick up date.


This committee plans and organizes staff and teacher appreciation gifts and food donations during a week in May. They also organize a first day of school breakfast for the staff.


Orders and distributes student planners to all students in grades two through six.  Folders are provided for students in kindergarten and first grade.

TALENT SHOW (service)

This committee organizes acts through sign ups, ticket sales, rehearsals, and sound and set up coordination of the BIG NIGHT.


This committee plans a meal for the teachers on their late night of conferences once during the year.  Set up, clean up, and donations are needed.

TERACYLE (fundraiser)

Information coming soon..

TREP$ (service)

This committee assists two teachers with the TREP$ program.  TREP$ (short for entrepreneurs) is offered to 5th and 6th grade students and teaches the participants how to start-up and run their own business.  The participants meet approximately six times after school to prepare for an evening marketplace to sell their products.  Assistance is needed with advertising and set-up the night of the marketplace.

TRICKY TRAY (fundraiser)

This committee assists in planning and executing the tricky tray event. Setting up, clean up, compiling baskets, and help during the event are needed. The funds raised from this event will be used to purchase new playground equipment.

VOT-ED (service)

Assists classes and tallies votes during a mock election in the fall, often coordinated with Election Day.

WEB MASTER (service)

This committee maintains the PTA web site.

YEARBOOK (service)

This committee takes candid photos, distributes and collects orders, lays out all the pages, proofreads, and hands out books at the end of the year.

Please refer to the Marshall Hill PTA Calendar in this handbook for the specific dates of our activities and special events.