Week of Respect 10/7-10/11

The first week of October has been dedicated in New Jersey Public Schools as the “Week of Respect”. There are a number of activities planned to honor the week. The overall theme is SAY SOMETHING by Peter Hamilton Reynolds.

Monday, October 7th – Week of Respect Kickoff

United We Stand Against Bullying. Students and staff are encouraged to wear BLACK and GOLD.

Teachers will be reminding their students about the Golden Rule and have the students talk about positive ways to interact with one another.

Teachers will show/or read the book “Say Something” by Peter Hamilton Reynolds.

Tuesday, October 8th – Mix it Up to Celebrate Our Differences

Wear MISMATCHED clothes (different patters, mismatching socks/shoes, etc.) to celebrate the ways we are difference, unique and creative.

Write what you an say or do on “sticky notes” for the bulletin.

Wednesday, October 9th – NO SCHOOL

NO SCHOOL DAY – Today is the perfect day to show how you are respected at home. Use your respectful words. Reach out and lend a hand. Try asking, “What can I do to help?”. If you see litter on the ground, even if it isn’t yours, pick it up. This is your community. Let’s use this day to show a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Thursday, October 10th – Mental Health Matters/Observing National Mental Health Awareness Day

Students and staff are encouraged to wear green.

Grades 5 & 6 will receive a lesson presented by the Elementary Social Workers on topic: Social Media as Stressors

Elementary K-4 teachers will show students a short video of a Mindfulness/breathing technique and practice this technique in their classroom. Links to age appropriate videos will be provided.

Friday, October 11th – BE BRAVE, Say Something

Students and staff are encouraged to wear school colors (BLUE & GOLD) to close out the Week of Respect.

Teachers will go over what it means to be brave and bring students to bulletin to post their “sticky notes”.